Three SITS fencers, Sophia Balskus, Mila Covino and Raven Belliveau competed at the Boston Fencing Club ROC on Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th. 

Sophia and Mila fenced in DIV2 Women’s Epee.  Mila fenced well and gained experience fencing in her first Regional Open Circuit event. Congratulations to Sophia who fought hard all day and had some excitingly close Direct Elimination bouts that gave her coach (and her mother) many new grey hairs. She finished strong in the table of 16 placing 15th out of 46 fencers. 

Congratulations to Raven who fought his way through several A rated fencers on Saturday to finish 8th out of 82 fencers in DIV1A Men’s Epee earning his A22! Raven returned on Sunday to compete in DIV2 Men’s Epee. After losing his first pool bout Raven went on to win every bout thereafter finishing in 1st place and bringing home a Gold medal. 

Both Sophia and Raven earned regional points towards this year’s Summer Nationals in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Results for all events can be found here: